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Come and spend a lovely Sunday in sunny Pärnu! Sundays are peaceful and idyllic in Pärnu and you can enjoy it all at an elegant Rannahotell. On the sea view terrace of our restaurant you can let  yourself be pampered with immaculate taste experiences, afterwards relax on a soft and cozy bed from the hectic weekend. 

Package includes:

  • Standard room with park view for two with a -25% discount
  • Rich buffet-breakfast
  • 50€ credit at Rannahotell's sea view restaurant
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi

Price starts from 150€ / per night


To make reservation please email us or call us +372 44 44 444


Pernova Nature House with its unique architectural solution tells its visitors stories about biodiversity in Estonian nature and in the rest of the world.


Package includes:

  • Accommodation at Rannahotell's family room
  • Rich buffet-breakfast at the restaurant
  • 2h admission ticket to Pernova Nature House
  • Restaurant gift voucher worth 10€

Price starts from 

To make reservation please email us or call us +372 44 44 444



Lotte Village will be open again in the summer, from 11 June to 28 August 2022 every day 10 am to 6 pm.

In Reiu village, Pärnu county, there is a mystical place where fairy tales and reality meet, your sense of time disappears and a smile just magically appears on your face. This place is like a magnet for adults and kids, boys and girls alike.

Of course, this place is LOTTE VILLAGE!

There are activities for the entire family. You can have fun with the main characters Lotte, Bruno and Albert, get creative with Oskar, learn about gardening with Anna, make music with Paula, play sport with Mati, enjoy wonderful theatre performances and the mid-day concert, challenge yourself at the adventure park and visit fantastic homes full of exciting inventions.

Accommodation package includes:

  • Accommodation in family room ( 2 adults 2 kids up to 12 years )
  • Rich buffet breakfast
  • Ticket to theme park for your family
  • Free WiFi
  • Free parking

Price starts from 256€


For making reservation please contact with us or +372 44 44 444


Take a break with the family and enjoy an unforgettable day at the Tervise Paradiis waterpark! A stroll on the promenade, fun activities and a lot of quality time with the family is everything you could want from a well-deserved break!

  • Package includes:
    • Accommodation in a family room (2 adults + childrenup to age of 11)
    • Breakfast for the whole family
    • 3-hour family ticket for the Tervise Paradiis waterpark
    • Access to children’s playroom at the hotel
    • Surprise for children on arrival
    • 15% discount at the restaurant
    • Two children up to age of 11 come free of charge
    • Free WiFi
    • Free parking
  • Price starts from 215 €

To make reservation please email us or call us +372 44 44 444


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