Weatherproof birthday party in Rannahotell

You have birthday coming up in August but you are worried about the unpredictable summer weather that could ruin your birthday plans? You have planned a cozy garden party but the situation makes you look at the weather forecast every second? Don’t let the weather ruin your celebration, Rannahotell has a solution for you.  

Reasons why you could organize your birthday at Rannahotell:  

Weatherproof celebration: One of the biggest benefits is the sense of security. Unpredictable weather can easily spoil the mood of an outdoor birthday party, while an indoor party ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience despite the rain.

Pleasant atmosphere: You will find a relaxing atmosphere in Rannahotell. Tastefully decorated rooms, elegant furniture and friendly staff allow the birthday kid and guests enjoy a memorable experience.

A worry-free experience: Throwing a birthday party at home means a lot of preparation from setting up decorations to organizing catering and entertainment. By choosing Rannahotell, the birthday kid can enjoy a carefree experience as our team takes care of the arrangements, leaving you to fully enjoy your special day.

High-quality service and catering: Rannahotell offers high-quality services and catering options. From fine menu choices to personal service, the birthday kid and guests can enjoy a delicious evening, creating new beautiful memories.

Flexibility: If the weather forecast has promised wind and storm but it turns out that the weather is still beautiful then we will happily move the birthday party outside to the summer terrace.  

Whether the sun is shining brightly or a rain cloud is coming, we will throw you an unforgettable birthday party.

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