5 reasons why you should get married in Rannahotell

Rannahotell, located right on the beach in Pärnu, is very popular and appreciated among brides and grooms. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Rannahotell as your wedding venue.  

The ceremony and the wedding party can be held in one place

In the courtyard of the hotel facing the sea there are several beautiful places to hold the ceremony in good weather. The background of the bride and groom can be both the sea and a beautiful conifer hedge. Even if the weather is bad you don’t have to worry because the curved hall with a panoramic view in the Rannahotell’s restaurant is the perfect place for the ceremony. A 300m2 restaurant is separated from the salon by doors. It can accommodate a wedding party of 100+ people and also leaves plenty of room for a band and dancing.

Gorgeous sea view

What could be more romantic than having a wedding reception right by the sea? The restaurant, the terrace of the restaurant and thirty-four rooms or suites offer a perfect view of Pärnu Bay and the beach. From the windows you can enjoy wonderful sunrises and sunsets over the sea – regardless of the season. From the two most luxurious suites, the President’s and Captain’s suites, you can enjoy a truly panoramic view.

Delicious food

Rannahotell’s restaurant is known for its high standard and excellent food. The chefs do their best to ensure that only tasty and well-thought-out dishes reach the guests. Catering can be ordered both in buffet style and a’la carte. There are buffet-style menus for €30, €40, €50, €60 per person. Each of these menus includes three courses. Both lovers of simpler foods and those who want food special experiences can find a menu that suits them. The manager of the restaurant is a sommelier and knows how to recommend a well-suited wine, sparkling wine, champagne or any other drink to each menu.  

No need to worry about transportation

Both the bride and groom and guests can comfortably stay in the same house after the party. The hotel has a total of 55 rooms, 11 of which are suites. All rooms are bright, beautiful and coastal style. Thanks to the option of overnight stays there is no need to worry about how and when to transport the guests from the party venue to the accommodation after the wedding. The bride and groom can also set up a wedding party in one of our beautiful and larger suites and if they wish or take pictures with the photographer. The hotel has many beautiful corridors and staircases where you can capture romantic moments.  

Save on costs

When planning a wedding there are costs that you can’t even think about at first. Having a wedding at Rannahotell does not involve many costs. For example, the rent of the party room is not charged. If you think about catering , there is another point of saving – the salary of the waiters and transport are not added to the catering bill. Rannahotell organizes various events throughout the year thanks to which they have developed cooperation partners related to technology, flowers, lighting, evening management and other event management which allows to offer these services to brides and grooms at better prices.