Book an entire hotel for a company Christmas party!

Book an entire hotel for a company Christmas party!

Elevate your next company event and book an entire hotel! Rannahotell is a wonderful seaside hotel that seamlessly blends business and pleasure offering an unparalleled setting that is sure to set your event apart from the rest. Here you will find some reasons why you should organize a company Christmas party at Rannahotell.

Your vision, our execution

If you decide to rent our hotel you will have free hands to design a truly memorable event that is a true reflection of your company’s culture and values. From decorations and small details to entertainment – we help you realize your ideas successfully. If you have had to compromise on your ideas with previous parties, now you don’t.

An entire hotel for you

No shared rooms or too early nights – just your team and amazing sea views. Booking the entire Rannahotel offers you exclusivity, privacy. An atmosphere that promotes creativity and cooperation. Dancing till late hours and eating breakfast together in the morning will definitely help to increase the sense of unity of the team.  

A memorable party that will be remembered for years to come 

A company Christmas event at our hotel is not just a party. Full of sea views and holiday warmth, an atmosphere that is charming yet unforgettable. Your team will leave not only with positive emotions but also with dear memories that will be talked about for years to come.

Smooth Planning

Rannahotell has a long experience in organizing events and we are committed to making organizing your corporate Christmas event smooth and not stressful. We are there throughout the entire planning period to ensure that every detail is perfect and you will be assured even before the event that you can enjoy the event with peace of mind and not have to worry about the little things.  

Some great ideas for your next Christmas event:

– Decorate the rooms into a real Christmas wonderland. Use different fairy lights and artificial snow! A truly Christmassy atmosphere will bring Christmas feelings to the hearts of all participants.

– Cooking class. Get the whole team together and make a great Christmas gourmet meal or make gingerbread cookies with the team.

– Is your team international? Offer a menu where you can find traditional Christmas foods that are also popular outside of Estonia.

– Christmas themed cocktail training. Make cocktails and moctails together where you can use typical Christmas ingredients.

– Winter treasure hunt. Hide surprises  that your employees can use throughout the year to relax in their free time or hide handwritten compliments to let your employees know how much you appreciate them.

– Winter beach games. Are there beach volleyball enthusiasts in your team? But why not practice beach volleyball in winter too? You can also build snow castles instead of sand castles in some great games!  

Contact us and let’s organize a party full of christmas spirit!